Error Installing pip & easy_install for Python 2.7 on Win 64

I’ve been doing some messing around with Python, boto and AWS api’s recently (blog article to follow). To allow me to get the boto library installed on Win I took the pip & easy_install route.

At this point in time just ignore the fact that even though pip was meant to replace easy_install. The easiest way to install pip is still through the use of easy_install! confused? you’re not the only one.

Unfortunately there is a small bug in the install routines for the setuptools.msi. As you can imagine theres not much in the way of docs and I also struck a blank on the community forums (queue the inevitable ‘why use windows?’ replies)

If you try to run the setuptools.msi routine on Win 64 you’ll get the following error “Python version 2.7 is required, which was not found in the registry” all thats happening is that it’s actually looking in the wrong reg key location:

copy the registry entry value for InstallPath from:




It should now work.

In case you’re interested; Wow6432Node is Windows 32bit compatability layer used for 32-bit apps on Windows 7 64bit.

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