My take on the Pomodoro technique

I’ve recently been trying out ways to increase my productivity at work, at home and especially whilst doing those loathsome jobs which are just too easy to ignore. You know the ones I’m talking about, the kind of job that sits on your to-do list smirking at you. The kind of jobs that just don’t excite or interest, yeah I’m looking at you Mr.endless documentation and definitely you next potential DIY disaster.

I’ve looked at quite a few ‘productivity boosters’ in the past but the one I’m currently giving a whirl isn’t new it’s called the Pomodoro Technique.

This technique has been around for ages; in fact it was originally developed by a guy called Francesco Cirillo in the 80’s. What attracted me to the system? Well it’s simple, doesn’t require expensive software or a lot of effort and you get started with it immediately.

The basic premise is this; you get some kind of timer; the original author used a tomato shaped kitchen timer, hence the name pomodoro (Italian for tomato) you write down a number of tasks, set the timer to 25 minutes and work solidly on that task until the timer runs out. Take a 5 minute break and repeat. After every 4 work sprints; you take an extended break, say 15 mins. Sounds great, but does it work? [Read more…]