Can Business learn from the modern military?

Some of the systems the modern military employ are interesting. Especially when applied to the challenges and traumas of the workplace. not to over play it, the workplace is certainly no battlefield, but maybe some of the hard learned lessons can be applied to make the workplace a little less jarring.


Probably the biggest single lesson the military teaches is that teamwork is king. the unit,platoon or whatever organisational unit is engaged rely wholeheartedly on teamwork to succeed. It is interesting to note that the teams needs always take precedent over the needs of the individual.

Now I must admit this does sound a little holistic, zen and over the top; but indulge the theory here. The idea is to engender a collective unity, that no matter how hard the going gets, the cohesion and motivation of the team will ensure success.

One man Jack

Closely related to teamwork is ‘one man Jack’ . Now this will take a little explaining, so bear with me. One of the tennets of a successful team is the feeling that you will never be abandoned or left on your own to complete a task which requires more resource. that you can rely on your pals to get you through. [Read more…]